Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I just joined Flickr! It's really about time I did. I think I tried to a long looooooong time ago, but it didn't work thanks to faulty internets, or something. Well, my nets are in much better shape these days and I thought that as a photographer maybe I should start hanging out with some other photographers. Flickr is pretty cool. You can browse other people's photos and I swear there is something for everyone. You can use it to organize your photos. You can upload photos so you have access to them if you want to publish them in your own blog or something. I think it's pretty great. I already spent waaaay more time than I meant to browsing over there tonight. And, check it out, I have a little link to my photostream in my sidebar now. And. you make a nice easy to say the name of URL (sort of). Mine is or if you want to see my profile and not my photostream  it's Yeah. It's pretty cool.

And for anyone who is waiting for more photos (what is the point of a photog blog without the photos?). No worries. They are coming soon!

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