Friday, February 12, 2010


The 27th of January I drove all morning through freezing fog. The kind that sticks to everything coating it all in white crystals that beg to be photographed. But I didn't take any pictures that day. I was driving for work and I don't feel especially honest stopping to take pictures while I'm on the clock (it's not my clock after all). I've also heard somewhere that it's not safe to drive and take photos at the same time and so I have no photos to show you all how wonderful it all looked. It broke my heart. But I guess God loves me because the very next day we had freezing fog again, so I hurried out before work, froze my buns off, and took some shots in the time I had. Here are some favorites.
I learned a couple things from this shoot. One is to wear layers, but you probably already knew that.

As far as the photography goes I learned first to be flexible. I went out with fantastic frost covered trees in mind, but when I got out there I found I was most attracted to man-made things. So I guess it's good to go out with an idea, but it's definately cool to let that idea morph into something else, if that's what strikes your fancy.

Second I learned to take the opportunity when it presents itself. January 27, I spent the whole morning pining for my camera and it got me nowhere. The 28th, I knew I had a really limited amount of daylight hours before work and that is kind of a road block. But it's better to go out for 5 minutes if that's all I have than to go out for no minutes. No minutes = no photos.

So what do you guys think? Which is your favorite? Why? What would you do differently? Inquiring minds want to know!


  1. dang Katie, I know I am a person of an indecisive nature, but I really love them all. The one I like the most is the one with the footprints though. It makes me shiver just to look at it, but the curves are very beautiful and pleasing to look at. Is it black and white?

  2. I love the one with the stream bed. The composition is good and draws your eye through the whole photo. Besides, it just plain looks nice.

  3. Oh, they are all so beautiful! - and that is not just the mom talking.

    I'm with Molly on my favorite of this group - the snow and the texture of that curved path in the snow is charming.

    But you know - I really love the pussy willow at the top of the blog too.

    One of the little messes I have around the house is the DSLR camera and it's manual on the kitchen table so that when I eat my lunch I can learn more about the camera. We've had it six months and I'm still just getting to know it. I was hoping to get better acquainted over the winter months but spring signs are showing and I haven't made much progress.

  4. Thanks guys! I love your input. I wouldn't have thought the stream bed would be a favorite. It's actually my least favorite. Go figure.

    Mom- I've been planning on pulling out the old manual for my camera for a while now. I should do that, but maybe I should finish some other projects/messes first.

    Molly, yeah it's black and white. And no worries, I'm pretty indecisive myself. That's why I ask! I sure can't pick for myself. :D

  5. My favorite is the stream bed. The dark and light contrast along with the different textures adds lots of interest. Good work, Katie!

  6. I've gotta say, my favorite would have to be the branches against the sky. The beautiful blue sky is exposed so nicely, and the effect is awesome. The fence is pretty sweet though. I love how the frost seems to grow off the metal, and reach across the spaces in between. There seems to be movement, even though it's frozen still. Good stuff.

    I used to put my camera away. No more. I spend the day taking mental pictures, Pam and Jim style, but when I can actually capture that moment on camera...mmm golden. Can't do that if the camera stays in the bag.


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