Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wedding Dress

This is my wedding dress.

This dress was kind of a miracle. I needed a modest wedding dress and I was living in western washington at the time. If you have ever gone wedding dress shopping (or any dress shopping!) there you know that it is next to impossible to find a dress that both, has sleeves, and looks like it came from this decade (I am here to tell you, lot's of dresses had sleeves in the eighties and early nineties). My mom and I were getting pretty worn down looking and I guess she must have told my dad. He found this dress shop in a neighboring town and we checked it out. I don't know about mom, but I had moderate to low expectations. We got there and told them what we were looking for and they had a whopping 3 dresses that fit the bill. I tried them all on. This dress was my favorite of all of them and it fit. I don't mean, it fit, but we might have to take this bit in a bit or let that bit out a smidge, or hem it. It fit perfectly. It was a miracle.

It's been living in my mom's house while we are living the student life. Apartments don't come with a ton of closet space. So while it was living at my mom's I decided the practical thing to do is sell it. So she mailed it to me. I forgot how pretty it is though. Oh my, but it is gorgeous. The fact is, it's still the practical thing to do. I still intend to sell it, but I am taking a few photos of it so I will always remember how beautiful it is. This is my favorite photo so far. I know you won't love this like I do, but I hope you enjoy the photo just the same.


  1. I took some pictures of it too, before I mailed it to you. Your picture is much better. I too had forgotten how beautiful it is. I do remember you trying it on and thinking, this was it. It is a little bit hard to get rid of something special. But think of it being special for someone else too, maybe that will help. It could be a miracle for someone else too. But take lots of pictures, because it is soooo beautiful. And if you change your mind, it can live here again, it can have your old bedroom.

  2. oooo sparkley! I am not a big fan of wedding dresses in general, but this is very beautiful, and the picture is very well done. thanks

  3. I enjoy your creativity. I hope you keep sharing with us!


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