Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I had an english professor once who used to say "Do the best you can with what you've got". He was, obviously not speaking of photography, but I often think back to that statement.

I have always enjoyed photography most while out and about. I used to take my camera with me everywhere. I love to hike, but I usually do so at a pretty leisurely pace so that I have the time and opportunity to take photos along the way. However, right now I am unable to get outside much. I don't go on walks or hikes because it would be inhumane to take a toddler and a three month old out when it is hardly above freezing...especially when I lost the toddlers mittens. (spring is coming soon, I just know it!) And, realistically, even if it were warmer and I did get out more, I would still have the kids to tend, meaning that my camera might not get the attention I wish it did. So I am faced with an option that never really appealed to me till now. Having a studio. By studio, I mean my kitchen table.

There are advantages to this that were never really relevant till now. Working in my own time frame being the principle one. Another is having more control over my shot. I can control the lighting (kind of...this is still my kitchen table we are talking about), I can make changes and adjustments as much as I want without loosing the opportunity, I don't annoy my husband with how slow I am walking.

The studio approach does, however, present a new set of challenges.The first is that it is easy to do what's been done. To be frank, I think my pears are a bit cliche, although while I'm being frank, I will tell you that I still love them because I love their cute little red freckles (these are forelle pears and they are adorable). Another challenge is the fact that I don't actually have a studio. I have to work when we don't need the kitchen table. I have to work with what light is available there, which is at times challenging. The other challenge, for me, is getting it done during naptime.

But the cool thing about all these challenges is that I'm learning and growing from them. Look, I know this isn't a new concept or anything, but I am always amazed at how challenges end up being helpful. I am learning to see things worth photographing at home. I am learning to look beyond the cliche (sometimes...still working on it, but hey, aren't we all?). I am learning to be more motivated and productive during the short time that is available to me. I am learning to do the best I can with what I have.


  1. yea! for naptime. One of the blogs I check on regularly, I check because I admire the clever photography of her every day life. Modobject at Home is the blog. It is a gift to see the beauty that is right around you, but often unnoticed.

  2. Satie composed a suite entitled "Morceaux en Forme de Poire." Your latest ouevre could also be named that. I can see how these cute little freckled pears would excite your photo instincts. I can even imagine a story going from first to last :-)


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