Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Green Things

I start aching for greenery this time of year. The place I grew up in is green all the time and  a girl can only take a lack of growing things for so long. I have my house plants, of course, bu this time of year I start wishing for something more. So this year I took action. Inspired by some onions that sprouted before I got them cooked up in my dinner, I went to work sprouting the next thing I had handy (the onions rotted). Citrus. Lemons and mandarins. I had big plans for a lime too, but, alas, my neither of my limes had any seeds.

Here are my two healthiest looking plants to date. The lemon (left) is my favorite. It is completely charming. The mandarin (right) is also cute, but just not as. I just started a pumello (how do you spell that?) seed too, but only just today, so we'll see what happens with that one. The success of my citrus adventure is spurring me on to new things. A mango seed (I hear they sprout very readily) and garlic cloves. I planted some kitchen herbs too, but they are not doing so well. sigh. Oh well. I have citrus trees! Aren't they sweet?

1 comment:

  1. Sweet, indeed. I need to start looking around for random seeds to germinate. It's time to mix things up a bit.


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