Sunday, June 19, 2011

Put down the ducky

Tonight I was riding in the car with my sweet family, home from a family dinner. It was delightful, as always and I was fat and happy. The light was incredible. Clouds that changed from bright white to stormy grey-blue in an instant with sunshine weaving in and out of everything. Trees dancing as golden light tickled their branches, their leaves infused with the sun.

Times like this make me wish for my camera, but a little bit not. Tonight I knew that if I had my camera I'd be stuck. I'd be stuck trying to optimize my shot. I'd be stuck behind a camera instead of just drinking in the beauty around me. I'd be stuck making something small that it meant to be enjoyed on the very large scale of life. Like taking something of great significance lightly.

Then I saw them. I think they were poppies. I adore those big gorgeous red red red poppies. They were too far away to be sure from the moving car, but I was pretty certain, and the light was perfect. But we were on the way home. The kids needed to go to bed. Martell needed to pack, as did I. And then there is the fact that I won't be seeing Martell for the next week. So, I did the grown up thing to do and put my family first. And again, part of me longed for my camera and a little time to visit with some poppies. Once the kids were in bed I sat in my chair by the window thinking of those flowers. Wishing for them. As I sat there having the tiniest of pity parties I couldn't help but notice the rich greeny green of the leaves against the now quite grey sky. My light was gone anyway, but I will be the first to tell you that the green on grey combo that you only see in the spring and early summer is one of my very most favorite things. Ever. A token for what was lost? Perhaps. And then another one! Martell called me from outside (taking the trash out, what a guy!) and said "full double rainbow. All the way." Well, it wasn't really a full double rainbow all the way. It was just a part of a double rainbow, but it was lovely. And at last, the realization that my evening was far better spending it here at home with my family than galavanting around trying to get the perfect shot of some silly old flowers. Will there be more flowers? Yeah. Will there be more nights home with my family? Absolutely. And I'd choose that one over the flowers any day.

which is to pictures today. Take that.

What lovely things have happened to you lately?

p.s. I watch sesame street with my two year old. Hence the title.

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