Thursday, June 9, 2011

I am behind. I ma supposed to be posting from my photo walks I went on 2 weeks ago, but I want to put this up while it's fresh. Before I'm behind on it too.

A dear friend of mine brought be flowers yesterday. I am always glad to see her, but I'll let anyone in who's bringing me flowers (ok, not really, but anyone I know). I want to write today, and not just put up pictures, but my writing might be a little rusty. I want to write about kindness.

My Grandfather recently passed away. It was time. I'm not upset. I know he is relieved of the burden that his body had become. I know he is free. I know he is happy, and so am I. I know he lived a good life, and that is what this is about.

A result of my Grandpa dying is that friends and help and kindness come out of the woodworks. I cannot tell you how overwhelmed I am by people's basic goodness. A kind word. A hug. A jar full of gorgeous sunflowers. People willing to drive me and my kids to the funeral in a different state. People willing to house my kids and me in their own small home. There are more lovely things that have been happening as a result of other life circumstances aside from my Grandpa's death, and I cannot tell how grateful I am for the kindness of others. The good life they are living.

It makes me wonder if I am that sort of person. I think in my heart I want to be, but I don't think I'm so good at the follow through. I think good, kind, helpful thoughts, but what good does that do if I don't do good, kind, helpful things. In fairness, I do think I do good, kind and even helpful things, but I don't do all the things I think to do. Why ever not? Laziness. I think it is inconvenient. Sure I'd love to drop cookies off at a friends, but I don't want to bother to load the kids up into the car...what? I should be teaching my kids to do good, kind, helpful things. What better way than to do them? How else can I teach my kids to live a good life, than to do so myself? That is what it is about. That is what made my Grandpa remarkable. It is the kindness of others that makes me tear up out of joy and gratitude. It is the goodness of a life well lived that makes death palatable. I want to do that. So bit by bit I'm trying to be better. To teach my kids by what I do. To do the things I think to do. To live a good life.

As a start, I think I'd like to share my flowers with you.

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